Three sound stages!
PLUS green rooms – makeup – production offices – VIP lounge – luxury dining – sauna – showers – massage therapy – genuinely! ... all towels provided.
Our facilities are on the edge of the Cotswolds, by Junction 15 of the M4.
Travel time – 40 mins from Bristol – 60 mins from Chiswick / west edge of London.

STUDIO 1 – L Shaped infinity Cove – 1360ft2 | 126m2
– 44ft x 31ft x 10ft H | 13.5m x 9.5m x 3.2m H – 3.2m to stage canopy | rigging – cove – 9m x 9m
– Sound–deadened w/excellent acoustics
– 32A 3ph mains + 375A additional power available

STUDIO 2 – Infinity Cove – 860ft2 | 80m2
– 30ft x 33ft x 13ft H | 9m x 10m x 4m H – 4.2m to stage rigging – 7m wide cove
– Water resistant
– 63A mains + 375A additional power available

STUDIO 3 – Traditional Film Sound–Stage – 5100ft2 | 480 m2
– 82ft x 62ft x 33ft H | 25m x 19m x 10m H – 8m to stage rigging
– Double decker bus height vehicle access
– 375A power + 375A additional power available

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When it comes to film production facilities, we take an end–to–end approach.
As well as three incredibly versatile studio stages and the A–Z of cinema–quality kit we have on–site crew, full post–production facilities including grading and a cinema as well as the cherry on the top, Director Club, where you’ll find meeting rooms, lounges, a bar, barista coffee, massage therapy and a sauna.

Fully scalable – you can bring everything yourself or allow Sandstorm to provide it all for you – or anything in between.

The first studio we built at The Old Dairy in 2009.
Endlessly configurable and versatile for small studio production.
You name it, we shoot it here; vehicle exteriors and interiors, one, two and three walled room sets, live action with sync sound, Technodolly, multi–camera live studio, photography and both large and small scale product shoots of every description.

​1360ft2 | 126m2
44ft x 31ft x 10ft H | 13.5m x 9.5m x 3.2m H
L shaped infinity cove 9m x 9m
Sound–deadened w/excellent acoustics
Diffused white canopy over stage (can be removed)

The tough one, built to do everything we couldn’t do in Studio 1.
We’ve specced this studio to handle the rough stuff – we do all kinds of special effects shooting here including pyro.
It’s also beautifully equipped for shooting motion control, live action, smaller sets, stills photography – the space and height are a dream for all tabletop.
If visuals are priority over sound on a small–scale production, this is the stage for you.

860ft2 | 80m2
30ft x 33ft x 13ft H | 9m x 10m x 4m H
Green Screen | Blue Screen Infinity Cove 7m W x 4m H
Water Resistant
Fully Blackout

The big one, we opened this stage in August 2019.
With seven–metre high double–decker access, this sound stage boasts a full overhead lighting gantry, hoists, cherry picker and scissor lift, a huge floor space and extraordinary head height.
Take everything you can do in Studio 1 + 2, combine it and times it by two and soon you realise why this is the best production stage in the UK for the money.

5100ft2 | 480 m2
82ft x 62ft x 33ft H | 25m x 19m x 10m H
Sound–deadened (not soundproof) w/excellent acoustics
Double Decker Bus height vehicle access
Water Resistant

We have a full set build facility on–site, ready to go, with a lot of pre–configured room setups too.
From a six–room set; built, painted and ready to shoot in just three days to huge green screen rigs or small single room sets.
We’ve done most things here without any hassle and we're always on hand to assist.


​Alexa Mini
​Alexa Mini LF
Phantom 2K + 4K
Alexa SXT
Alexa Classic
Blackmagic Ursa
GoPro Hero 7+8
Canon 5DSR
Canon 5Diii

Cooke S4i 8 lens kit (12mm – 18mm – 25mm – 40mm – 50mm – 75mm – 100mm – 135mm)
Arri Master Prime lens set (T1.3 18mm – 25mm – 35mm – 50mm – 75mm)
Arriflex Super Speed prime lens set (T1.3 35mm – 50mm – 85mm)
Cooke S4i 3 lens kit (see above for options)
Cooke Anamorphic/i prime lens set (32mm – 65mm macro – 135mm)
Arri Master Macro 100mm
Alura Studio Zoom lens 18–80mm T2.6
ArriFlex Zeiss Vintage set

Arri Skypanels
Arri Orbiters
Astera Titans
12K to 125W HMI | MSR
12K to 150W tungsten fixtures
Stands, rigs, scaffolds
Broncolor Strobe Lighting
TourHazer and Smoke Machines
Moonlight remote DMX
DMX control – normally requires a Sandstorm operator
Frames, diffusion, flags, drapes, rags

ST50+ aka SuperTechnoCrane
Elemack ride–on dolly
Skater dolly
Easy rig
O’Connor heads
Tracks, crates, wedges


Studio 1 = 1360ft2 | 126m2
Studio 2 = 860ft2 | 80m2
Studio 3 = 5100ft2 | 480m2




Above 5000 SQFT


Up to 100 people

  • 3 Phase Power
  • Accessible
  • Acoustic Treatment
  • Air Con
  • Bar
  • Blackout
  • Castings
  • Catering
  • Chill Area
  • Cinema Room
  • Colorama
  • Concrete Floor
  • Cove
  • Digital
  • Dining
  • Drive–In
  • Dry Hire
  • Editing Facilities
  • Equipment Hire
  • Events
  • Film Studio
  • Fireplace
  • Genie Boom
  • Good for Recording
  • Green Room
  • Green Screen
  • Green Screen Cyc
  • Ground Floor
  • Hair | Makeup Area
  • High Ceiling
  • Industrial
  • Internet
  • Kitchen
  • Lighting Grid
  • Meetings
  • Motion Control
  • Multiple Spaces
  • Music Videos
  • Overhead Shooting
  • Parking
  • Props
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Rehearsal Space
  • Rigging
  • Scissor Lift
  • Set or Set Build
  • Shower
  • Single Phase
  • Soundproof
  • Soundstage
  • Table Top Shoots
  • VFX
  • Videography
  • Virtual Production
  • VR
  • Wide Access
  • WiFi
  • Wired Internet
  • Workshops


Jenny Chapman

The Old Dairy







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