Galleon Studios

Galleon Studios
Filming studios conveniently located just off the M62 ideal for Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool available for wet and dry hire.
We’re specialist in all types of production, particularly green screen with live keyers, chromakey props, the latest 4K cameras, autocues, microphones, interrotrons for interviews, motion control rigs to repeat camera movements and much more in our fully equipped hi–tech studios.
Live streaming studio facility, perfect for broadcast and Virtual Events.
As well as capability to use us as a Remote Studio wherever you are in the world – Remote Studio hire – continue to produce video content during lockdown.
Learn more about our brand new Third Studio; The Live Suite; a soundproof infinity cove built for live streaming.
Soundproof, flexible, friendly, with three filming studios to accommodate any kind of production.

As Galleon are hire studios for filming, rather than photography, when it comes to the moving image, there’s no better location for your video production.

Specialists in all types of production, particularly green screen with live keyers, chromakey props, the latest 4K cameras, autocues, microphones, interrotrons, motion control rigs and much more.

A diverse client base, from major TV broadcasters, blue–chip organisations, advertising agencies, marketeers, production companies all the way down to local authorities, charities and small businesses.
Whether it’s title sequences, commercials, pop promos, interviews, voiceovers, games, VR, news, web videos, media training, e–learning, medical videos, from 10–second idents to whole shows and films Galleon have shot it all, covering all genres from factual to children’s entertainment.
As a video production company, Galleon have a wide base of experience and skills from which you can draw on, whatever your project.

Happy to welcome any kind of production – bring your imagination and let Galleon do the rest!

Budget Friendly Rates

The Low–Down

• Galleon Studios offers you a 10–hour shoot day at our hire studios
• Choose between 3 exceptional filming studio spaces to hire
• Chroma Green Infinity Cove
• Soundproof Studios
• Live Suite Studio; a self–contained studio for live streaming + virtual events
– both with an infinity cove soundproofing for the best of both worlds
• ALL Lighting included in the hire price for your shoot
• Electricity included
• All Grip for your video production project also included
• Make yourself at home in our spacious lounge with live monitoring
• Drive–in, ground floor entrance to the studios
• Freshly painted Chroma Green studio floor (or whatever colour it currently is!) before your hire
• Make–Up Room
• Dressing Room
• Fully Equipped Kitchen
• Garden area for filming or chillin’
• Air conditioning!
• Free on–site parking for up to 30 cars
• Free Fibre Optic internet access
• On–site manager for your studio hire – FOC
• Fully qualified first aider on–site
• Music playback via Bluetooth + Alexa
• Nintendo Switch for your down time
• Free tea, coffee, biscuits.
• Netflix + Amazon for talent + clients to relax with
• Free sweets!

Loads of Kit

At Galleon Studios as well as three great fully lit studios for you to use we have lots of wonderful toys to play with. We pride ourselves in having every piece of kit you might need for your project all under one roof. Not only do we have production kit like cameras and microphones all the way through to motion control rigs, but we have practical kit like green screen treadmills, turntables, large fans and numerous props too. We’re constantly adding to our kit so for the most up–to–date list of equipment and prices download our rate card.

Here are some highlights

• Sony FX9, FS7s, FS5,XDCam Cameras
• DSLR Cameras
• Live streaming cameras and kit
• 360 Cameras
• EF Lenses
• Schoeps microphones
• Sennheiser radio microphones
• Rode microphones
• Rodecaster Podcasting Sound desk
• Tricaster Mini SDI
• Odyssey – Blackmagic – Atmos hard drive recorders
• Vision mixers
• Teleprompters and Autocues
• Interrotron
• Eye–Direct
• Green screen treadmills
• Green screen turntables
• Chromakey bodysuits
• Jibs
• Track + dolly
• Ronin gimbals
• DitoGear Sliders and remote heads

And… so much more!

Galleon Studios are your one–stop shop for production so whatever you’re planning on shooting we have the tools to help you create a project your audience will love.

About the film studio
Galleon Studios opened its doors in 2006 offering fully equipped HD, now 4K, filming studios to the Northwest’s thriving media industry. Located in a convenient, easy access location just off the M62 near Manchester we’ve serviced hundreds of companies and produced thousands of hours of professional video content for broadcasters, independents, agencies, private companies, local authorities, charities and video production companies large and small.
The space comprises of 3 main studios, a chill–out area with client monitors and post–production offices. There is also a makeup room, a changing room, a kitchen, three toilets with shower. Basically, all you need for a stress–free filming day.

The Infinity Cove
This hire studio is one of our three amazing studio hire spaces. In contrast to our soundproof studio the infinity cove is a clean, green screen space with no horizon line. The lack of corners gives the impression that it goes on forever and consequently anything on it is perceived to be floating in space.
Properly lit, an infinity cove creates a unique look that makes your product literally stand out. A video shot on an infinity cove, such as the one at our studio, simply screams production values.
The infinity cove is the heart of Galleon’s Manchester studio and the primary filming area; as such it is hired pre–lit to save you having to figure out the correct lighting positions for your video. Further lights can be used to light the subject but don’t worry; there’s no extra charge for the extra lights either; they’re all included in our hire fee, as is electricity, so no surprises there also. We do encourage those who use the studio to hire our in–house gaffer if they have more specific lighting set–ups.

Green Screen Infinity Cove
Advantages of a sparse cove – it denies your audience the opportunity to look at anything other than your product or message. The green screen infinity cove allows whatever you imagine or desire to be superimposed around your real life props or characters. You’ll be familiar with lots of commercials, films and videos using this technique many of which have been shot here in the green screen infinity cove studio. The infinity cove L shaped, 38ft in length and 10.6ft in height – see floor plan

Always Fresh
The studio cove is always painted, free of charge, prior to your hire so it will always be a clean blank canvas for your video production. The cove is painted using Rosco chroma green video paint. We also have available a live keyer; a hardware chromakey mixer that allows you to preview your final key as you shoot. You can learn more about it via the green screen page on our site.
Black screen
The infinity cove can be transformed into full blackout without the need for painting. We use blackout drapes and flooring to create a pitch–black environment and from there you can paint with light to illuminate your scene as you see fit.

Need the infinity cove white – or another colour?
Though the cove in the main hire studio is usually green it is available to hire white, or any other colour. There is a painting fee to transform the studio to cover the cost and time to paint the vast space of our cove. However, it’s not unusual for the cove to be painted so it’s always worth getting in touch, regardless the stage of your production, to find out exactly what the current colour is.

Lots of Extras
For all video shoots, hire of the infinity cove includes full lighting kit. Our complete range of lights include Gemini Litepanels, Arris, Dedos, Photonbeards, Flicker Free Fluorescent lights, and many more. We also offer a lighting technician to enable you to get the look you’re after.
We also have to hand all EQ you’ll require for filming, and it can be hired directly from us, on the day. This includes cameras, mics, tripods, teleprompters, gimbals, jibs, motion control rigs, turntables, treadmills. You can learn more on our kit hire website page or check our rate card for a full list. We also have a neighbouring studio, our popular soundproof studio can be hired as an alternative or in addition to hiring the infinity cove studio. Furthermore, we also have our third studio, The Live Suite

With countless productions filmed in our main studio, you’re in safe hands at Galleon Studios.

Our Podcast Studio
Hire our podcast studio, The Live Suite, and start broadcasting to the world. Podcasting is a great way to express your interests, your opinions, and create fantastic shareable content. At Galleon Studios we have the kit and location to produceunique audio (and video) podcasts. So, if you are a hobbyist, a professional, or an entrepreneur with a great idea, we can help you produce what may be your first Podcast.

The Right Soundproof Environment
People will tell you that Podcasting isn’t affordable.
Really, if you want to start Podcasting, there are very few barriers to entry. Affordable microphones are plentiful and the tools to put together a great show are readily available. Audacity software is free and a USB microphone is a relatively cheap investment. The big stumbling block with creating content is finding a soundproof location to record. It’s a noisy world out there and most amateur shows suffer from bangs, planes and car engines which are just part of life.
At Galleon Studios we’re fortunate to have 2 fully soundproof studios in our northwest studio facility. What’s more, our soundproof filming studios are used by all the major broadcasters for video, film and TV. You’ll have seen it on numerous clip shows, dramas and e–learning videos without even realising it. As it’s a dynamic creative space, we felt that turning the studios into the idyllic Podcasting environment was a no–brainer. You’ll find we have the tools, the skills, and the prices to make sure that you can produce a quality, highly professional and, if it’s your aim, profitable Podcast.

Giving You Focus
If you work at home, you know the issues! There’s a myriad of distractions to stop you working. Therefore, if you want to get together with friends, colleagues or even fly solo, it can be difficult to give yourself the shot–in–the–arm to get going. Hiring a studio to record, can really give you the impetus to launch and then continue your Podcast efforts. What’s more, creating in a professional environment (that you’ve paid for by the hour) means you WILL generate insightful content that’s uniquely your voice.

The Best Kit
We’re passionate about Podcasts. In investing in kit, we made two important decisions. We wanted specialist kit. Moreover, we also wanted kit that any novice can use. If you’re new to Podcasting or even do it at your own home studio, we didn’t want our space to be intimidating. We, therefore, bought the new Rode Rodecaster recording desk. It’s so simple to use, you’ll love it. It won’t be like walking into a recording studio with a bank of desks you fear touching. We want you to have complete control. Furthermore, our mics are the finest too. We used the Rode NT1, Schoepps and other condenser mics to give you the best sound without requiring any effort on your part.

Leave with your Podcast
The great thing about the Rodecaster is that it records directly to Micro SD card. A big Red Button tells you it’s recording. A big Green Button tells you it’s stopped. It has 8 programmable pads for jingles, adverts, sound effects meaning you can edit those in on–the–fly. What’s more you can leave and upload your brand–new Podcast to your hosting provider the very same day.

£520 | 10 Hour Day
All Lighting
All Facilities

£820 | 10 Hour Day
All Lighting
All Facilities

£1180 | 10 Hour Day
All Lighting
All Facilities
All Kit
2 Crew

Subject to change
Always subject to requirements
Drop us an email with your brief via the link above for a bespoke price

Galleon Productions

Galleon Studios is part of Galleon Productions; a video production company founded in 2003. Galleon Productions is run by Kris and Les who’ll welcome you to the studio and offer assistance in any way you need.
We’ve years of experience working on both large and small–scale productions. We’re happy to offer non–judgmental advice to get the most from the space.
As a video production company, rather than a photographic one, our hire studios have been built with an eye for the moving image. As such we have to hand the latest cameras, motion control rigs, track, dollies, autocues, a staggering array of microphones and the best lighting around. The latter of which is included at no extra charge in the hire price.
The main studio is the infinity cove studio.
Built with no visible join between the floor and wall the infinity cove is used for both green screen and white screen productions. The lack of horizon line lends itself to video productions where the viewer needs no distraction from the onscreen events. We consider the studio the best green screen facility in the North West. To this end, we ensure it’s well maintained; freshly painted before every hire and lit to perfection for you to walk in and use.
The second studio is the exceptional soundproof studio.
Heavily insulated, fully lit and air–conditioned this space is ideal for intimate pieces–to–camera and slightly larger scale productions. Being soundproof means that there are no interruptions, saving time and ultimately money with a more efficient filming schedule. Over the years it has been used for live TV, webinars, kick starter videos and talking heads testimonials. The space can be used for sets and it has been featured as the backdrop for many documentaries and history programs.
The third studio is The Live Suite opened in 2020.
It combines an infinity cove with a soundproof studio and is specially designed for live productions. It is the studio of choice for live streaming as its tech is backed up by super-fast 100up and down fibre optic. The Live Suite is also the home of our Podcast studio. The Live Suite in is a self–contained building with full facilities and is rentable by the hour for fast turnaround productions.

We are always happy to hear from other media and production companies so talk to us about your shoot requirements prior to filming and we’ll be happy to discuss your project
With ample free parking, kitchen facilities, make–up room, dressing room, toilets, fibre optic wi–fi access, weekend hires for no extra hire cost, free lighting, on–site medic, free teas, free coffees, free biscuits and free sweets – why look further?

Galleon Production Crew
Looking for a production crew for your video production project? As well as first–class soundproof and infinity cove studio spaces any production can dry hire, Galleon Studios is also home to Galleon Productions. Galleon Productions is a video production company founded in 2003 and we have a wealth of experience and equipment to assist you in every phase of your production. As at home filming on location as in the studio our friendly creative team can help you at every step of your video production.

We’ve filmed for the major broadcasters including the BBC, Sky, Channel 4, Channel 5 and ITV Studios, local agencies Havas, Brazen, CIC, Delta KN, Mosquito Digital (amongst others), major pharma companies Smith & Nephew, Abbott, Abbvie, Genzyme, Covidien, huge multinationals like AB+Bev, Generali, Mercedes Benz, Sony, Ericcson, Vodaphone, Teliasonere (deep breath….) BT, Go Travel, Network Rail, Betfred, Becton Dickinson (and more), specialist training companies like Pastest, Applearn, Hope For Life, Ashfield Health Care, charities such as the Miranda Dalglish Appeal, the AF Foundation, local authorities such in Manchester, Bury and Rochdale and… well basically, we’ve filmed a lot!

We’ve honed our craft on a million hours of filming and editing and across projects, and budgets, large and small. With each video production we have retained our intensity and enthusiasm for the film making process, taking the work seriously, but never ourselves.
Our goal is to engage your audience with dynamic visuals that tell your story. Whether you’re after a stunning commercial, an eye catching corporate, an edifying interview or talking heads video, a stimulating 'how to' or training film, pulse pounding event or conference production, an astounding explainer or phenomenal web video; we can deliver.

From early concept to through to completion we can deliver at every stage. With scripting experience on some of the UK’s biggest shows, we can help put words to your product. From there our skilled filmmakers can fashion a video on location or in studio that matches your creative vision. Our post–production offices are housed in our impressive studio complex and as well as editing, as special effects experts, we can produce jaw–dropping animations to support your message.
Yet even after the pens are down, the cameras have stopped rolling and the film is off the edit suites, we can continue to support your project. We are certified Google marketeers through Google’s WeAreSquared program and consequently are recognised experts in getting your production in front of the screens of millions of people around the world.

Catering options at the Manchester Studio
An army marches on its stomach and a fed crew is a happy crew. Galleon Studios has its own fully functional kitchen with oven, fridge and microwave where food can be prepared on–site but in addition to this, we are pleased to offer a range of options for your shoot.
Ask us what you’d like, we’ll sort it!
Accommodation choices detailed on site or again. Just drop us an email!

Email link above – lands in our very own inbox!


Infinity Cove over two walls 19ft in each direction x 10ft high
Soundproof studio 14ft x 26ft x 10ft




1000 — 2000 SQFT



  • Accessible
  • Acoustic Treatment
  • Air Con
  • Blackout
  • Colorama
  • Cove
  • Digital
  • Drive–In
  • Dry Hire
  • Editing Facilities
  • Equipment Hire
  • Events
  • Film Studio
  • Food Shoots
  • Good for Recording
  • Green Room
  • Green Screen
  • Green Screen Cyc
  • Ground Floor
  • Hair | Makeup Area
  • Internet
  • Kitchen
  • Lighting Grid
  • Location Space
  • Motion Control
  • Multiple Spaces
  • Music Videos
  • Near Station
  • Overhead Shooting
  • Parking
  • Polyboards + Stands
  • Props
  • Rigging
  • Set or Set Build
  • Shower
  • Soundproof
  • Soundstage
  • Table Top Shoots
  • VFX
  • Videography
  • White Floors
  • White Walls
  • Wide Access
  • WiFi
  • Workshops



Units 26–28 Phoenix Park
Greater Manchester
OL10 2JG





Galleon Studios

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